Links to videos of recording session footage

Videos on Vimeo.

Drumset recording session videos on a Vimeo channel dedicated to select recording sessions for Art Bernstein & Chuck D'Aloia (ABCD)

This Vimeo channel has videos of: "Drum-Set Recording Session Footage for the songs Bird House", "Category One", "Catch Up", "Darkest Corner", "Full Count", "Likeness", "Night Breeze", "Don't Leave Home Without It", "Vespers 1/2 time", "Old Country", "Funk Dom 7" and "Jumbo Gumbo". All songs by Art Bernstein & Chuck D'Aloia (ABCD)

Drumset form charts or transcriptions for most songs listed above are also available in back issues of Drumhead Magazine.

Select drumset recording session videos for some of the songs listed above, also available on YouTube.
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